Small digression to show the main base with its maxed army camps. But even with 5 builders sleeping, there seems to be a defense being upgraded. Is it a mistake?


Nope, its the gear up of my archer tower.

All of my accounts are now starting the gear up of the archer tower finally. It was hard to sacrifice 7 days of master builder time in the BB so I chose to do it now, after maxing all my BH7 defenses. Yup, I just maxed my defenses on the BB in all 3 accounts so now I can spare the MB to do the gear up.

Curiously, while he is absent in the BB, the Battle Machine some how has a clone controlling it.







Troops will be shown in the next BB showcase. This one is just showing the maxed defenses of all accounts and the risk of overflowing loot now that I don’t have the Master builder and a slow lab.

BM is around lvl12 to lvl15 in 3 accounts and walls mostly lvl3. I will probably change to a new base design now that mine are pretty old and outdated.

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