Two days ago:


And right after that I realised that I have forgotten to dump loot into my walls. This is really a recurrent theme here that I forgot to upgrade my walls, luckily they are almost done or else it will cost me even more gems.

Given that my mortar was almost done,


I decided to gem mortar and dump my loot. Now I have 2 walls left to complete so I will be able to complete it soon.

Army camps almost done and I now need to wait for the extra troops before raiding. Maybe SC should consider making higher level troops train faster so that it gives the advantage to higher levels?


Yesterday, what is this?


Yup, I started the gear up of my Archer Tower, I will have a short range archer tower soon enough. I wonder if SC should make a reverse gear up, so that you need infernos to gear up roaster and xbows to gear up the archer tower. This would help in the game dynamic and balancing so that you need to play both bases to be maxed instead of neglecting one side.

The backlash received by the builder base is mainly because maxed players were basically told to start all over again on equal footing as everyone else in Clash of Clans 2.0. Now it seems that SC has corrected their course and made the game slightly better

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