I almost typed the date as “2017”. Does anyone else have this problem in the beginning of the year where you will type or write the year wrongly?

Well, today I’m just showing off my new small achievement:


BK is going to lvl47 right now and I have 6 days left. I am trying to farm for the next level by tomorrow so that I can max out BK quickly on this account. This account has the most gems of all accounts yet I farm relatively slower than all other accounts.


Gearing up an Archer Tower on this account as well, this will complete all my defensive upgrades in the game.

I also have 3 army camps done now on this account, having 255 troops to use. It is quite interesting what extra things I can bring now and I can actually scrounge enough troops to do a decent QW + bovaho attack. The meta is changing really quickly now at the TH11 scene, expect a new wave of new attacks and base designs coming out really quickly. The TWC has already made enormous changes and evolution to the top-end, now it will slowly trickle down for the masses.

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