Another achievement today:


Completed 8 out of 10 hero levels in this update 🙂 The grind is almost over, finally

New clan games coming up tomorrow so everyone get ready to play it again. The max amount of points is really low this time so us FWA players will have it easy with our 40-50 roster. The max personal score is 2.5k to appease those small clans who keep complaining. Tbh, they should make the cap 1k and make you pay 50 gems to increase the cap to 2k. Win-win for everyone.


Besides that, my 2nd army camp is now complete so I can bring 250 troops. That builder is now working on a lvl12 Archer Tower. With all the new update stuff done, I’m now going back to working on point defenses to stop all the QW. With the nerf to inferno, seems like other splash defenses need to take the weight off infernos and do their job. I have around 5-6 months of defense upgrades before it is maxed.

Defenses are just way too easy to build but they are the only thing maxers see. Someone with maxed TH9 defenses and 20/20 royals in TH10 isn’t “rushed” but someone with 40/40 royals and TH6 defenses is rushed. Smh

Also, today I have completed another grind:


Yup, walls are done again. Well, that’s sad and I will have overflowing storages once again while I max out my BK


  1. Hi dusk,

    So I recently joined a FWA clan (War Farmers 19). So I’ve been following your guides. The problem I have is I am thinking of going from th9 to th10 and the people in the clan(except the leader) have a problem with how low my defense levels are. Should I still rush to th10?I have everything done for th9 offense wise


    • You don’t need to care about what everyone else says as long as the leaders are fine with it. Just tell the leaders that once you reach TH10, you will drop infernos and become a TH10 weight. That will make you more valuable than every TH9 in the clan


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