Just a small showcase to fill in the gap while I slowly farm for heroes now.


Weekend games starting up and my play time as usual with all weekends is throttled due to staying in my home town right now with my parents. I also did IELTS today which costed like 3 chests of gems, still salty about the price tag since I am a native English speaker.

Just showing off my BK who is going to lvl48 right now, I still need to farm about 270k to max him finally. Unfortunately by experimentation in my main account, I know he is as worthless as when he was lvl45. I also started wizards to max in the lab so that I can keep it busy until it is finally maxed.


Doing my job in the clan games:


With the new 400 points clan game tasks, it is much easier to score points as a lower league player. SC extended the time limit to 1 day and probably intended to benefit those in Legends. In the end, they became much easier to lower league players and I was able to easily complete one 400-point task per account

Just a comparison, 400 points for 20 stars vs 100 points for 8 stars. Obviously the value for money lies with the 400 points task which makes no sense actually. But hey, I’m not complaining



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