Just another small showcase. I started a lvl11 and lvl12 cannon upgrades, I have also completed 2 giant bomb upgrades for no apparent reason.


But the main highlight is this:


BK going to 49 right now and I’m quite excited to have him back and finally being able to use dark elixir armies again. Mainly the latter, but having him back is a nice bonus too.

I’ll be taking a leave of absence next week from 15th Jan till 20th Jan because I’ll be travelling to Beijing, so don’t expect any posts or much in game activity.

Attack log:


Loot is actually pretty slow using this army but I’m in no hurry to farm faster than this. I farm around 50k per day casually doing this so at least that can complete some hero levels.

Defense log:


Surprisingly still able to defend well, but quite a few of the hits on me are TH10s. I still find it absurd that a TH10 can easily run over a TH11

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