Due to my awkward builder timing, I have an upgrade to do today. This is a result from gemming too many upgrades and it ruined my usual 7am upgrade cycle. Now my upgrades can happen any time at 7am or even 5pm.

Because I will be travelling next week, I started an xbow to lvl4 which will take 12 days to complete. I plan to start 3 different 12 day upgrades in the next few days

I now also almost have enough DE for BK 50 right now, but I am currently saving gems so I plan to delay the BK upgrade until tomorrow.


Clan game rewards:


I chose gems because they are the only rewards that will still be useful after this week. Gold and elixir are too easy to farm right now and DE will not be used after tomorrow hopefully.

Now, I have a book of heroes ready for BK 50 and the training potion at 5/5 ready for boosting in the future. I will probably stock up on power potion next and wait for TH12.

My other account is fucked up because I forgotten to get book of heroes and got book of buildings instead. Now it will not be able to insta complete BK 50 and I’m quite upset about that. No point wasting 1000 gems to complete BK because he is only for utility and not really useful. Oh well, I will be in China anyway so the BK upgrade isn’t as urgent

Quick look at builder base:


I’ve completed my AT gear up, which wasn’t really shown in the picture above. Now I can spend all my gold into walls and dedicate my elixir to drop ships and battle machine. I will first max out drop ships because they are just so good, I am starting to hate barbs because every base is now anti-barb.

I also switched my base to this dreaded diamond base which took the whole game by storm. One week ago, somebody made it and now it is every other base. If you can’t beat them (I can’t), join them.

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