Hmm, notice the changes in my base? 5 builders working on defenses? Does that mean?


Yup, BK is maxed now 🙂 I spent like 400 gems to complete lvl49, put him back to sleep and used book of heroes to complete him. Thanks SC!

So now I can enjoy using all 3 heroes and use DE heavy armies. However, with clan games going on seemingly every week now, I will not push further than Champs because most tasks are easily done in crystal/masters rather than champs/titans.


Then I promptly started another xbow upgrade to lvl4. I also had another free builder that came up so I started a WT to lvl10. FWA is the best, I had 3.6mil gold ready to use and got a winning war bonus of 1.5mil quickly after that so I was able to get the 9mil for WT lvl10 easily.

I also started another lab upgrade today:


Finally bringing giants to max level now. At least they buffed giants which was nice and they now got their proper stat increase.

Hp is now (lvl6) 940 > (lvl7) 1220 > (lvl8) 1440. So lvl7 is 29.7% stronger than lvl6 which makes giants the strongest TH10 upgrade (previously held by valks). I hope SC sees this and continually buffs TH10 and TH11 troops so that the gap between TH levels can exist. However, with the inferno nerf, it is still way too easy for TH9 and TH10 to hit up. I hope SC fixes this.

Level 8 is a 18% increase over lvl7 which is an okay increase. This is most likely due to the buff at lvl7 so lvl8 just got a token buff so that it still gets an upgrade.

Oh and if you notice my base, I have boosted collectors. I used a resource potion because why not. I will buy a 1 week shield while I travel, so no clashing there. Hence, I will use my second and last resource potion during the shield.

I have maxed training potions (5/5) right now which will probably never be used again until SC releases another update which includes hero levels or TH12. I might take more resource potions next clan games to be used during my travels. I started 12-14 day upgrades so that my builders will complete them after I travel. Is it a good idea to have one builder do short upgrades so that I have things to upgrade which I travel? Hmm


Here are my troop levels:


All important stuff maxed. With hogs becoming almost relevant again, I might need to work on them next. Otherwise, baby dragons might be a good pick.


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