So lazy to farm now that I’m done with heroes again. Started another 9mil upgrade today, namely another Wizard Tower to max level which will complete after I arrive back home.

By rushing, I have access to late game upgrades that take a longer time to complete so that I am flexible with my schedule. Can farm enough? Keep doing short upgrades. Can’t farm enough? Do the longer upgrades. So simple, yet maxers build themselves towards a wall and wonder why their upgrades are inefficient or hard to plan.


A ninja clan game started and ended, hope you guys were able to get all the rewards from this easy clan games. Its only 5k score per clan and 1k score per person. With all the easy 400 points tasks, it is easy to complete 1k points in less than an hour.

With all the travel prep going on, I just did token contribution and yet my clan was able to get the 5k required way too easily.


These are the rewards I chose for this account. My main and 2nd account who both took book of building last time just took the DE. If you do not want DE, you can just sell a book of buildings for 25 gems instead.

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