Came back from Beijing with this mess:


4 upgrades starting in 36 hours?! For a regular maxer, you’re screwed. You only have 8-10mil upgrades to do and will need to farm like a madman just to keep all your builders busy. However, most maxers are much more casual and don’t mind idle builders unlike me.

For me, I am glad that I am rushed so that now I can easily start cheap upgrades, like so:


I could start all the cheap 4.5-6.5mil upgrades and keep chugging along. This is why you rush, so that you can do long, short, cheap and expensive upgrades as you wish at any time you like. Maxing out kills all this min-maxing and strategy, it makes the entire game stale because there is no point in thinking which upgrades get done first because it doesn’t matter in the end. Why think what to upgrade? Everything will be done within 5 months anyway, no need to think.


Now I’m back to capped elixir and DE, I will use the book of troops to quickly complete a troop afterwards. I just need to farm a little more gold to start another upgrade tomorrow morning.

I will show what clan game rewards I choose tomorrow

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