Another day of farming and there you go, maxed gold. I upgraded a giant bomb today so that I can prepare all the loot. I have a book of buildings ready to use tomorrow and I will instantly complete a 14 day bomb tower upgrade and immediately start the next upgrade.


Here’s a small update of my base with clashtrack: ClashTrack

Haven’t taken clan game rewards for this account but this is what I’m planning. My lab will complete in 2 days as well and I plan to instant complete a 12 day elixir upgrade and start working on a DE upgrade right after that. I cannot collect the clan game rewards right now because I still have a book of buildings from the last clan games, I’ll be using it tomorrow and then claim the new book of buildings to be used in another week or so.


Btw, I got band 8.5 out of 9 in my IELTs, talk about a waste of money just to prove my english literacy.

These were the rewards I took for my other accounts, firstly because they were maxed they could not use the book of buildings, but there is a special feature I could use:


Yup, sold the book so that I could claim more books and I took the exact same rewards as above.

Attack log:


Gold is the most stupidly easy resource to farm. This is why I scoff of players who “farm” at titans and claim that they can keep their builders busy. Of course they can, even raiding 2-3 times a day can easily keep your builders busy on defenses. That’s why to gauge a good farmer, look at their heroes and walls instead of defenses

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