Made two upgrades with a single builder today. I forgotten to take a picture of my upgrades but here is my base with a mortar upgrading to lvl5.


I started and completed an upgrade today:


Forgotten to take a picture while I used the book of buildings to instant complete this bomb tower upgrade. Book of buildings is best used for 14 day upgrades, but the problem is that if you do this, you will have an idle builder. That’s where being rushed helps, I have can have 9mil/14 day upgrades as well as 800k/4 day upgrades on a same base. This allows me to use the book of buildings without having any idle builders. Same reason why I use book of heroes only for the last level. Its a small and insignificant min-max, but still min-maxing.

Attack log:


Yup, QW is really broken. Loot is just too easy using any form of QW

Defense log:


Anyone who can really hit my base hard is using QW. If you use laloon, prepare to be disappointed by the results

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