Lab completed giants lvl8 yesterday, unfortunately I cannot feel the difference between lvl6 and lvl8 giants despite their recent buff. This is why I keep asking for huge buffs like 50% increases so that each level feels impactful and not just a waste of elixir. I do notice that my giants can somehow last to the end of the raid more often, but 6 of them just don’t feel very tanky.

It might be because of spring traps or other things, but imagine that if a +500 hp on a single giant is hardly noticeable, how would a +300 hp on a golem feel like?


Regardless, I will need to keep my lab busy no matter how weak most of the upgrades in the lab are.


Completed another upgrade on the same day. I felt that I don’t have any more useful upgrades left so I will just continue upgrading things as I see fit. Thankfully my golem and freeze spell are still lvl1 as they are still very useless and serve almost no purpose in the metagame right now. I am still unsure whether I want to work on hogs as they are strong right now, or work on pekka as they might be the next to be buffed.

A quick look on my base says that this lab upgrade was done yesterday:


Note that there are only 10+ days left on the minion upgrade

I also started a WT to max today, it will be my 4th WT to max so another 24 days to maxed WT. I will start my final year of medical studies on Sunday, so expect my activity to drop. I will still be able to do my upgrades easily because I have a ton of cheap upgrades to do despite that


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