Started 3 different upgrades in the last 3 days. Life has been extremely busy, I drove more than 700km (500miles) on Sunday to get to my campus and started with 8am-6pm days but I’m still managing. I’m very fortunate that I have a ton of different cheap upgrades so minimal farming is required to keep builders busy instead of being a maxer and suffering.

Started an air sweeper to lvl3, started a cannon to lvl12 and started an AT to lvl12. Point defenses approaching maxed TH10 levels. Mortars are still way behind, I’ll need to focus on them afterwards otherwise I might have an idle builder while working on 4 mortars.


Clan games just ended, did you participate? I did, minimally


Next clan games is going to be a long one, 6 days and 3000 max points per member, 50k points to get the final rewards. Everyone get ready because it will be cloudy

Valk event just ended too, I did all 10 raids easily enough somehow and this was the army I used:


Not really cheap on dark, but most players who were saving on dark would use barch + valks instead and easily completed it as well.

Current attack log:


Who needs to go to titans when masters can easily get 800-900k per raid without much effort? (dropped from champs)

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