Just another small update for my base, used a few books to speed up my progress. It will be too exhausting to look through all the upgrades I have done since 3 weeks ago so if you are interested in what I did, here’s a link to my current clash track progress.

Clash Track

Resources overflowing because I’ve been doing clan games diligently. I find farming casually quite easy, just login 2-3 times a day and I will have easily farmed 3-5mil in 5-8 raids. Despite being a little too busy to post a journal entry, it is easy enough to login to coc and raid.

As a result of my raiding, my defenses have really caught up and are now mostly mid-max TH10 levels. Funny thing is, I still defend poorly in champs and still able to get good protection in crystal. Nothing has changed from when my defenses were TH8 levels


I’ve gotten nearly 3k points for my clan so far and it seems like we are struggling to get the 75k points necessary for book of everything. I actually won’t benefit much from the book but I would like the pride of completing the challenge and earning the book.

We are actually more than 30 hours from the timer below (so 2d 20h remaining) and our score just broke 50k today. I still hope a miracle can happen and we can pull through, we have 3 co’s still at low marks, hope they can help us get more points.


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