Wow, its been a long time since my last post. Unfortunately my new semester is super busy and it doesn’t seem like others are going to be any easier. Fortunately I have not died or quit, and I still have time to play coc, but posting journal entries has been hard. I will try to post one today and another tomorrow, then change my schedule to twice a week.

These are the pictures I took from the first 50k clan games:


A quick showcase of tasks that I did and how my clan did. Getting 50k was quite easy especially with me getting 6k points. We were able to get 50k 3 times now, and we need 75k this third time. That is going to be tough.

Now a quick showcase of my bases, these four pictures depict me using book of buildings to complete a 14 day upgrade, then using my rushed mortars to keep my builders busy and not awake despite just spending 10mil on a upgrade. I’m sure all readers here are already convinced how useful rushing is and how defense is basically pointless.


This pic below is just showcasing a few days after using the book:


These were the troops I used for the last hog event, dunno why they did a hog event for the year of the dog (the year of the pig comes next year). Hog riders were even featured in the promo video for coc, should’ve done a lava hound event instead


The last two pictures here show that even being maxed heroes in the main base, I still benefit from the book of heroes in my builder base. I have 2 lvl20 heroes in the builder base now, this BM is now lvl19 (lvl16 was what he was 2 weeks ago)



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