My lvl4 air sweeper has just completed now I have a lvl5 and a lvl4 sweeper.

After that, I used the builder to start a bomb tower so this is my 2nd bomb tower going to max right now. I hope this can stop the miner and hog attacks somewhat but I really doubt so. I frequently smash bases with maxed splash defenses using miners, the real defense here are point defenses because heal spell isn’t strong enough to keep up as well as clumped up defenses unlike my spread out base design


Also, my lab completed my lvl5 maxed baby dragon upgrade. After that, I started minion lvl7 and used a book:


Then now I started my clone spell to lvl3, I will upgrade it to lvl4 before using book of spells to complete lvl5. My lab still has 410 days to go, but at least everything important is done and now I’m just upgrading supplementary stuff

The clan now has 60k points and 1d 18h to go, I hope we can make the last 15k points in that time.

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