My final WT is complete so I have my wizard towers complete! So far, my infernos, eagle, WT, teslas, AD are all maxed. My first lvl5 xbow and another lvl12 cannon are complete as well.

I have started upgrades on my 3rd xbow, a cannon to lvl13 and my double cannon. Progress is going well on defenses and I think I can almost complete at least half of them before the next update whenever that is. Mainly focusing on point defenses right now as I hope to stop more overpowered QW attacks on my base.

I really hope the next update is defensive buffs, we really need them. I am typing out a small post about my defensive buff wishlist.


Here’s my healer event progress. I didn’t even knew there was a healer event until I got the ! notification when playing the game.


This event is way too easy if you have AQ awake, otherwise just spam healer-bowler or giant-healer + barch.

Here’s a look at my builder base:


Maxed defenses and hero now. I’m slowly working on walls, maxed lvl4 and a few lvl5 segments. It is actually better to upgrade straight to lvl7 from lvl4, but I’m lazy to keep so much loot so I will just upgrade them level by level.

And my BB lab:


Target to complete the lab before BH8 which is slated to come out next month. Hope I have enough time, I will need around 2.5 weeks at least


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