Another quick look of my base, did a few upgrades these past few days and I’m almost out of 14 day upgrades. I still have around 2-3 levels on my point defenses though and I will be focusing on them. I will most probably start upgrading traps now because I want a free builder everyday while waiting for the update.

ClashTrack progress here

I’ll look forward to the new walls included in this update, it will be a 175 new walls or a mere 700mil grind. That’s only 350mil/350mil which will take only about 1000 raids to complete. Dunno why, I feel that it is going to be a breeze. I will start on main account first obviously but not neglect all my other accounts, main will be using barch while the rest use some moderate army like laloon which does not need to next too much. Barching on 3 accounts get crazy really quickly.


This picture is actually from yesterday but I just didn’t have time to post, but here’s the progress of my clan games:


It is actually 53k as of right now so my clan has completed the clan games and I look forward to the max rewards. Despite the new update adding new walls, I will still not choose gold/elixir as my rewards as gems are far more valuable and long-lasting.

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