Update is live!! Since most of my accounts are maxed, I spent my books in the BB. I started saving up loot after the first sneak peek was out, so I had the loot ready to get to BH8 ASAP. The great thing about BH8 is that the army camp only costs 2.5mil elixir, so by saving up, I was able to buy the army camp asap when I reached BH8.


And with that, I have everything new in BH8 minus the mega tesla.

There is also a BH8 value pack which I forgotten to take a screenshot. It costs USD$20 and contains 2500 gems with 3mil/3mil BB loot and a lvl4 mega tesla. The tesla is surprisingly strong and can really put hurt to your troops, it is a good single target tower with splash capabilities.

With 3 accounts, I cannot bear to leave anyone behind in the BB and can’t afford the money to buy 3 value packs (1 value pack is about 3 days’ worth of food) so I didn’t buy the value packs.

Collected the gems for BH8 and the following is my current base. I will need to find a new BH8 base soon.


Being a new BH8 is incredibly fun because I get to crush a ton of maxed BH7s easily with the new army camp and easily climbed to >4600. I wish that transitioning into a new Town hall in the main base is as fun. If it were so, then people would be more inclined to upgrade TH. Imagine that if you are a new TH10, you automatically can crush a maxed TH9 without thought and can defend from any maxed TH9 with ease. If balance was like this, there wouldn’t be so much hatred towards rushers and maxing will die out.



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