The update actually dropped at 11.30pm my time, so I was fast asleep and didn’t wait for the update. I woke up at 4am to start playing the new stuff, mostly BB so far as there isn’t much main base content.

Finally get to upgrade walls again. I had a free builder after the update so I upgraded 2 walls so far on this account. I did more walls on the other accounts which I would showcase in due time.

Nothing much to show for in my defensive progress, but farming loot is extremely easy right now. I’m using QW + giwiva for the event on two of my accounts. Main is using giwibarch for the event and will go back to barch once the wizard event is over. Dead bases are quite abundant for my main in C2-3, will continue farming there and occasionally use goblins to drop trophies.




The Trader had a free training potion on the first day which I claimed on all my accounts. I will need to clear out my potions as I keep overflowing and forced to sell them. I actually haven’t collected the recent clan game rewards because I don’t have cc capacity to store the magic items.


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