I’m supposed to write more frequently since we just had an update, but I myself can’t play this update too much so I’m stuck with a biweekly journal entry. Few more defenses done, and I’ve just found my favourite potion to use:


Loot has never been an issue for me, but cutting down the upgrade times by 9 hours x 5 is quite good. It messes with my entire upgrade schedule but the benefits are huge. Tempted to buy this, but seems a little on the pricey side. Would definitely buy if it were 200 gems. I’m saving up gems right now, not sure for what but definitely for a rainy day. If I had more time to farm, I would use the training potion but juggling three accounts is quite tough.




167 walls to go (8 done)

Frankly, the changes to the inferno tower is quite bad. They did nothing to help multi while nerfing single. My QW is usually unfazed by singles now and BK can usually break through and destroy the single before it can charge up and kill him. That’s really sad, I’m still in the process of writing my post about defenses.

When defenses are weak, rushers are strong because there is no point in upgrading them. That is one of the reasons why I rushed, because TH8 can never defend against a TH9 so what is the point of maxing TH8 to be crushed anyways?


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