This was two days ago:


Capped loot, how should I spend it? Spending it on a gold structure would mean elixir overflows, and vice versa


Book of building to the rescue again. That’s why I was saving it all up, to be used here. I also plan to use power potion some time to at least deplete my supply. Otherwise I am just saving it up for TH12 which may never come any time soon.

So today, this is what my base looks like:


Started minions lvl15 and clock tower to max again. I would write a BH8 guide soon, but it may not be accurate because people who have read it will not have enjoyed the battlefest like me. And those who enjoyed the battlefest will not need a guide anyway.

My plan is to upgrade the new stuff first and work on collectors too. Collectors provide income that cannot be obtained in any other way. Every day that I delay collectors is a day I lose loot that I can never get back. The reason why I don’t upgrade them now is because it will cause my loot to overflow which will cause even more loss. Same rationale applies to the main base, that’s why you need to choose to upgrade collectors early. But staying in TH1-8 to work on collectors is futile and a waste of time, so that’s why it is done in TH9 after all offensive upgrades are done.

Now onto the main base:


Bowlers in my army camp right now because my DE was overflowing and I was offering almost 8k DE to attackers. Since its night time now, I chose to attack with bowlers because dead bases are a little rarer (yet my last two raids were 400k dead bases, pfft)

Looting has been really easy on this account, I was able to farm up a ton but the problem is that I don’t have enough time to farm. My wall progress is pathetic while my clan mates have done 30-50 walls by now. I originally planned to finish walls within a month but I am really busy right now. At best, I think I can finish in 2 months which is quite a generous estimate.

Wall progress:


Only 16 walls done in the first week, and by extrapolating it means that I would need almost 10 weeks to complete all the walls. To be fair, I also upgraded pekka and some traps during the week. So after all of those are done, I probably can farm a little faster and hopefully complete all the walls in 8 weeks on this account.

Trap progress:


I have completed skeleton traps, so all the 3 traps shown here are the ones I have not completed. So only 6mil + 7.5mil + 14mil = 27.5mil to go! After that, its all into walls. Using builder potion and resource potion otherwise I wouldn’t have any chance to use them anymore after this. Surprisingly, I’ve only used 2 training potions this week on my main account and nil on all my other accounts. I will need to step up my game if I ever hope to complete my walls.

Sample attack log:


Who says barch is only for dead bases? When I find these juicy 600-800k bases, I can wreck them easily and get all the loot. Why should I farm in Titans and only scrape 500-600k per raid after bonus when I can stay in Crystal/master and get this sort of loot?


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