Upgraded 11 walls this week, I have a little more free time now and I hope that I can complete more walls. I have 156 walls to go.

Upgraded a few defenses as well, too lazy list them all out but just know that I have 18 weeks to go before I’m done. I’m mostly working on my point defenses now because that is what I really have left. Back to using bowlers, not sure why I chose to use laloon previously, maybe because I wanted to work on a few dark upgrades in the lab. But with overflowing DE, there is no point to ration anymore.


Builder game rewards:


The past builder games were shit, lots of 1 hour tasks which were almost impossible to complete. Compared to the main base where you can attack with half troops or just snipe with heroes, these 1 hours tasks are nearly impossible unless you are stuck to your screen in the BB and attack every time you could.

Shit games, luckily they aren’t repeating that and I really hope they don’t repeat it ever again.

I’m loving the free training potion you get every week.


The trader is best with the free gifts, I don’t buy anything else because it just isn’t worth the gems. 900 gems for one wall?! Just for 4mil?! No thanks


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