Notice that one line of white walls that I have completed? I just need to make 4 sides white and I’m complete. I didn’t take a pic of my trap progress this time, but I just need to upgrade one more giant bomb and I’m done with traps. After this I will save up all my builder potions for TH12 which might or might not come.


I’m using bowlers right now because I was overflowing on DE again, and once again I find a ton of dead bases during night time (which is really atypical) while using bowlers. But I can’t really find them when I’m using barch, happens all the time.

I’m in gold leagues because I was doing my clan games, loot seems better in C1-2.

Wall progress:


31 walls completed, which is only 15 more in 7 days! A little slower than last week on this account, probably because I did more traps this week than last. I’ve been finding a ton of dead bases whenever I farm, you can get 300-400k dead bases within 3-5 nexts and attack them.

I did a boosted barch session this week and the dead bases were amazing. I was actually able to find a dead base then raid it, and still needed to wait 3-4 min before my boosted barch was done training. Did like 4 walls in that one hour, just need more of these sessions and I will complete walls like it is nothing.

Attack log:


I didn’t take pictures during my boost session but here’s a small sample of my farming without boosts.

Builder base:


The battlefest was crazy and made the game actually more frustrating than it was. Fortunately I was able to cash out quite a bit during the battlefest but it also meant that I pushed way too high. All my accounts are in 4600+ and winning can be a real pain here. Everyone here has bought the loot pack, and I haven’t. That isn’t my biggest gripe though, my biggest gripe is that winning/losing depends more on my enemy than myself. Doing an excellent attack doesn’t mean that I will win which is very frustrating.

Compared to the main base, where everything depends on the attacker. The defender actually has zero control and cannot hope to defend because all the chips are in the attacker’s hand. Only attackers who are confident in taking your base would attack, and that is why rushing wins. Your weaker defenses draw weaker attackers and you will be able to fend them off.

My main account’s clan actually was able to get the 50k needed to win the full rewards. I took the runes because they were new and I hope they could provide an edge some time in the future. The books are obviously useless because there is nothing left in my main base and the books are hardly useful in the builder base.


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