Another week has passed and a ton of defenses have been upgraded. Now all my archer towers are lvl13 and I have completed my xbows. I am currently upgrading 5 cannons because their timing is really good (5 upgrades in 8 days). After cannons lvl14 are done, I will start on archer towers and air sweepers most probably.


These were the rewards I chose for the last clan games:


This next games will be 4 days for 50k points, hope that my clan can get it. People have been getting progressively less motivated to do clan games and I’m not too happy about it. Early impressions seem good, we are at 8k points now but mainly from only 5 different accounts. We’ll have to see how it turns out afterwards.

The builder potion is really nice, I’ve been using quite a few now. I took them for the last clan game rewards. It allows me to spend all my loot faster and cuts down on my bottleneck which is always time.


Walls are slow on this account mainly because I cannot upgrade walls at any time I please, so I can only upgrade 2-3 walls every 36-48 hours which is really slow. At least I have done 26 walls now on this account, I hope to finish walls by the time I finish defenses and the new traps (17 weeks or 4 months)




    • Answered in my other post, no time to boost 5 times a week. Opening the game 3-6 times per day is no problem but sitting for 1 hour to farm is above my capability right now. If only I have more free time.

      Furthermore I just remembered that this is my alt account, which doesn’t need to grind walls so much yet (26 walls vs 50 walls on main). The main reason is that I am bottlenecked by builders, so I actually cannot make full use of massive farming unless I have many more builder potions.

      Edit: I also have 5/5 maxed training potions

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