Now this account is far more interesting. I’ve completed all my traps but one giant bomb, no issue there. I have stepped up my farming game this week and completed a ton of walls.


DE is overflowing as usual, nothing I can do about it. Walls progress:


50 walls done by now, which means that I have done 19 walls these past 6 days (3/day).  I took almost 3 days to complete the loon event and my wall progress was really slow around that time. Luckily I stepped up after that and used goblins to shed all the trophies I have gained from the 20 loon raids. That plus a public holiday has allowed me to complete 11 walls win 2 days, I’ll continue to farm this weekend and hope to make more progress in my walls.

How am I farming walls so quickly? Here’s how:


Attack log:


This is how I farmed my massive loot. If you are a TH11 and don’t know how to spam goblins, then even I can’t help you unfortunately. Dead bases are abundant, super abundant now in C2-M2. I can search dead bases and raid 10 times in 15 minutes with 3 different accounts easily. The most aggravating thing is that this army takes 30minutes to fully train, so after burst raiding like that, I will have to wait for 15-20 minutes for the army to retrain itself.

Spells: 3 jump, 1 rage, 1 heal, cc rage. Rarely used as shown in the logs

Clan game rewards:


Slightly different compared to my other account, mainly because I don’t need builder potions right now. I might save up a few for TH12, but that is when my walls are nearing its completion. I actually still haven’t used the wall rings because it doesn’t seem very worth it. Still thinking to use them in the builder base but lvl5>6 walls (4 rings) is almost the most worthless use of the rings.

For the Home village, the higher the wall level, the more worth the wall rings are. 5 rings = 1 lvl12 wall so 800k/wall. Every other level is lower worth.

For the Builder base, lvl4>5 are the highest yield, 2 rings = 1 lvl5 wall (400k/wall). Otherwise, lvl7>8 walls are second highest worth (375k/wall)

I didn’t choose training potion for all my accounts because I really don’t have that much time to boost so many times. If this were my holidays then I would spam them and finish them within 2-3 days. Unfortunately, I don’t have such luxury.

Builder base:


Base looking good so far, maxed out my gem mine, clock tower and collectors now. I’m working on the weaker defenses and will save up to upgrade the barracks soon. Minions already at lvl16 while dropships are going to lvl15. If I were to repeat, I would get dropships to lvl16 first because the boost seems bigger


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