This account at least can see more progress because there are defenses to upgrade. Too bad it is going to end pretty soon. Here’s my current progress:

ClashTrack progress


I have completed 166 lvl12 walls which is 41 new walls since the update. This account is the slowest because I can only upgrade walls whenever I get a free builder and all my gold is siphoned into defense, so I can only upgrade 2 walls every 2-3 days. This makes wall progress terribly slow, but there is no point to keep an idle builder just to upgrade walls when I am almost done with defenses.

I am around 110 days to maxed defenses, so I think I can complete almost all my walls before that deadline. I used to have enough cheap upgrades that I can have a free builder every day then dump 3-4 walls before spending 1-2mil on defenses. Now with high level defenses, I need to spend 8-10mil on defenses, leaving only 8mil elixir that I can dump into walls.

This was what I picked for the previous 50k clan games. My clan was only able to complete it like 2 hours before it ended, thanks to some people who said that the rewards aren’t great. That idiot contributed 50 points at the final hour and got all the rewards. I really felt like kicking that idiot.


Its not too good to kick players in FWA though, new members are scant and we play 50v50. Kicking too many players lead to too many admin things to do, which is really a headache at times.

There is this weird sale going on:


Way too expensive for me and its not worth to buy. RM40 is like 2 fancy meals or 8 regular meals, no thanks. If only they gave out substantial upgrades, but I think that time is probably long gone.


  1. Somebody in my clan was calling a th10 with max th9 defenses and 15/15 heroes a rusher. And that ‘somebody’ has only 3 builders. I showed him your base to keep him silent. Really happy I found your guides.


    • Sounds great! Some idiots just need to learn.

      What I see people recommending in the forums and reddit is, “max your heroes in TH9 otherwise TH10 would be hard”. The funny thing is, that are asking someone who made a small mistake (not prioritising heroes) to make a huge, gamebreaking mistake (overstaying TH9).

      Many people quit TH9 for a good reason, they feel forced to max otherwise they think they will ruin their game. In fact, based on my observation, maxing is the number one reason for players to quit the game

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  2. Yeah really hate the clan games leachers. They just sit at 100 points for the entire games. My clan says they need time to replace. One day this will lead to incompletion of 75k point challenge. 😦


    • For sure, we are looking at a minimum limit of 1% otherwise that member is not eligible for FWA wars. That means at least 500 points in a 50k cg or 750 points in a 75k one.

      Sounds a little inhumane, but we’re talking about a grand total of 5 tasks in 4-6 days. Sounds pretty fair when 1-2 members can get the 3k limit easily in day 1. We usually have 7-10 members getting 3k anyways, so the rest only need to contribute 300-500 points to get the 50k rewards.

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