Long time since I’ve updated, but look at my progress! There’s a whole new line of white walls done, I felt that I have picked up some speed this past week. I had a little more time to play this week, just didn’t spend the time to take pictures and uploading my base.


Walls progress:


A total of 92 walls done by now within a month. I think I can finish all the walls by 2 months and be ready for whatever update supercell throws at me after this.

I did 42 walls in the past 10 days, averaging at about 4 walls per day. Quite decent progress given how busy I am. I initially projected to finish my walls in less than month but that was too ambitious given my circumstance and schedule. Finishing in 2 months is more than fast enough though so I’m happy with that. I’m just more worried about my other accounts which probably won’t be able to finish it all so quickly.

How do I farm quickly?


This is the easiest way but now I’m at 2400 so I can only drop another 400 more before I have to go back to normal barch and climb. There is a golem event going on as I type this post out, so I might use golem+barch to win 15 raids and claim my book of heroes (50 gems).

Clan game rewards:


Plan to take lots of training potions this time though I still cannot pick the rewards because my cc is full. I still need to use 2 training potions before I can choose all this.

This was how I completed 2 walls the day before:


Two new walls appeared beside the southern archer tower. Too bad I don’t have any more left and the shop offers aren’t lucrative enough for me to buy them. Walls are nearly complete, so why bother with things that are useless to me?

SC is really losing out on a ton of income because players like me have no incentive to grind.

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