Reasonable progress in the past 4 days. I have a free day today so might as well make an entry. Let’s see how much progress I have made:


DE overflowing, all builders free with nothing to do. At least I’m getting walls done which would’ve been much better if they released the walls earlier. Oh well, at least I’m doing them at a reasonable clip so I’m fine. Much less motivated to do them on my alts though, but I’m in no real rush to complete them for my alts. Even if they released TH12, they wouldn’t release all the new walls so I will have ample time to complete the new walls.

Walls done:


14 walls done 4 days, not bad indeed. At this rate, I should be able to complete my walls in less around 20 days, faster if I boost more. I’ve been boosting 2-3 times per week, nothing impressive by any means but much more than I usually do. I credit that to my busy schedule leading me to boost so that I can make use of the prime farming times.

And how can I afford to boost so many times?


These rewards were some of the best and I took 4 training potions. I had 5/5 before I took them, so I had to boost 4 times over the past 3 days to able to take these rewards. Quite nice to refill my training potion stock, now time for another boost session soon.

Attack log:


Since I was boosting, I was happy to take 300k bases. If I wasn’t boosting, I would’ve only taken >400k because dead bases are so abundant. Its funny that people who farm in high leagues will say “the loot bonus covers for my army so everything I raid is gravy”, when in actual fact is that most of their raids are <300k profit.

I farm in crystal/masters and the loot bonus covers my army too, and everything I raid is gravy, except that my gravy is >300k most of the time. One of my accounts is in Titans and the loot there is simply atrocious. Unless I want to spend 5-20 minute just nexting and finding a base to hit, I wouldn’t be able to find any reasonably profitable base. In crystal/master however, I can find a dead base in less than 3 minutes most of the time and clear the base without any thought and no chance of failure.

Builder base:


BH8 going along really well, I think I will need to write up a BH8 guide asap. I will need to edit the BH7 guide before that though…

Free gems:


Unlocked the super pekka on my main account, 50 gems is my reward. Seeing that nobody is using super pekka, I can guess it is pretty worthless. SC needs to really look at the balance of small troops vs large troops. Barbs and minions are real powerhouses in the BB. Likewise in the main base, small troops just flat out beat large troops because they have more stats.

If they really wanted to balance something like golems vs giants, golems will need to have more hp than 6 giants combined. Right now, we have 1440*6 hp vs 6900 hp which is a complete joke because warden disproportionately buffs giants much more compared to golems. In fact, in most of my raids, giants can last till the end of the raid; whereas golems just die off really early because of single inferno or getting shat on by the Eagle.

Look at this post and the stupidity we have:

Golems or giants

Golems are worthless against multi mode, most people don’t think that’s why they feel that golem is better against multi infernos. Multi infernos will just use one beam for golem while it roasts the troops behind it. That is why people used to bring 4-5 golems to soak up all the inferno beams. If you only bring 1-2 golems, the infernos will simply try to tickle the troops behind the golem

Furthermore, giants aren’t harmed by infernos at all because you can simply heal over them and this leaves the bowlers behind the giants safe.

Infernos and eagle really need a buff, probably will write a post about it.

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