Time for the late BH8 guide for those who are going to BH8 late. By now, if you are not already BH8, this guide is for you and definitely you would want to read my newly updated BH7 guide as well. Also, if you are still not at BH8, WHY?! Upgrade to BH8 asap and gain all the benefits of being a higher level. Just by going to BH8, you automatically gain 84k gold and elixir per day because of the better collectors. That’s at least 3-5 leagues above what you were going to get as a BH7. Upgrade ASAP!

Read the BH7 Guide here

You builder hall will take 5 days to upgrade, so try to max out your loot by then and try your best to save up a book of buildings/everything right before the upgrade finishes to instantly unlock your new army camp. When I did the upgrade, I got a book of building for the BH and a book of everything for the army camp, instantly catapulting me leagues above everyone else except those who bought the value pack.

Note: If you plan to buy the BH8 pack (highly recommended since you are way behind by now), you can consider using the book of buildings on the BH itself, buy the pack and use the gems from the pack to complete the army camp.

Once you are done upgrading, I highly recommend you to buy the value pack which costs USD$20 and contains: a lvl4 mega tesla, 3mil gold, 3mil elixir and 2500 gems. Talk about pay to win, but it is definitely enjoyable to cruise up a little bit. I personally didn’t buy the pack because I have so many accounts, but I compensated slightly by saving up books.

First priority upgrades:

  1. Build all new defenses, traps and structures at level 1 except for mega tesla, so new double cannon, cannon, air defense, tesla, collectors, push trap, spring trap and mines; all at level 1/2
  2. Army camp. #1 was done first unless you have book of buildings, then do this before waiting on the 5-15min timers in #1. This alone will shoot you up by a few hundred cups so this is a must have
  3. With your extra gold, now build your new mega tesla. Skip this if you bought the BH8 value pack.
  4. Star lab, get to work on your new level troops quickly, but only after all the most important upgrades are done
  5. New collectors to lvl7 then all collectors to lvl8. This improves your passive income more than what improving defenses would get you, do focus your builder time here.
  6. Upgrading your new defenses and traps to the same level as the others. Take your time on these, and if your gold/elixir is overflowing, do some things in #7
  7. Gem mine + clock tower + barbs/cannon carts. Because the new defenses cost so little, you are bound to overflow, work on these upgrades at the mean time. An idle lab isn’t a huge issue despite it being the biggest bottleneck you are going to have, because the relative gains on these troops are smaller comparatively. Clock tower and gem mines are both “collector-like” buildings which benefit you more the earlier you complete them, so try to complete them early.

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Builder barracks. Unfortunately, super pekka is quite meh and nobody has found a good use for them right now, unlocking him should be a low priority.
  2. Battle machine. This can be here or he can be a fourth priority upgrade, it depends. Since you probably only have a lvl5-15 BM, he isn’t that good of an investment and I would only upgrade him if my elixir is overflowing (lab times is way too long) and if I have a book of heroes ready.
  3. All defenses to lvl5-6. This is quite a no-brainer here, the lower levels of buildings all give out much better returns in a shorter amount of time.
  4. Multi-mortar and

Third priority upgrades:

  1. Every other defense to lvl8. Max them out!
  2. Every other trap to lvl8. Complete these as well!

Fourth priority upgrade:

  1. Battle machine. As the levels go on, he becomes weaker and weaker. This holds true in the main base as well, when heroes gain <2% of their stats per level. This is worse in the builder base because troops actually gain 10% of their stats per level, whereas main base troops gain stats linearly. Comparatively, one hero (BK/AQ) only accounts for <15% of your entire army strength. BK’s 5.7k hp vs bowler’s amazing 7-10k and 332 dps vs bowler’s 1700-3400

Lab priority:

This assumes some of your troops are not upgraded yet in BH7, but my guide will recommend you to finish at least barbs and bomber

  1. If drop ships and minion are at lvl14 AND barbs+cannons below 14, get dropship/minions to lvl16 first. Otherwise, read below
  2. Barbs to 14 > Bombers to lvl10
  3. If cannon carts are lvl14 (only if you had overstayed BH7), cannon to lvl16
  4. If cannon carts <13, barbs to lvl16 then cannons to lvl16
  5. If giants are lvl14 (only if you had overstayed BH7), giants to lvl16
  6. If giants are <13, bombers to lvl16 then giants to lvl16
  7. Anything else

BH8 is mainly a ground meta and unless you have heavily invested in air troops and neglected ground troops previously (that is me), focus on maxing your barbs, cannons, giants and bombers. I upgraded drop ships/minion first because my cannons were less than lvl10 when I reached BH8, no choice but to focus on air troops first while I slowly upgrade cannons.

To be clear, barbs alone < dropships/minion most of the time, but barbs+cannon > dropship/minions most of the time.

Attack strategies:

  1. Barbs + cannons
  2. Giants+barbs+cannons
  3. Dropship+minions

So far these are the meta strategies which are commonly employed, so just stick to these 3.

Hope this guide helps you out during the initial transition to BH8. Being the highest BH again is fun and you definitely want to join in on this party. Unlike the main base, the transition into a new level is highly fun and rewarding, if only they can instill this into the main base so that people aren’t averse to upgrading TH




  1. I am using Bombarian + Archers while my Canons get to 14. Works great for loot.
    I am like a bh8 with bh5 defences. Now I am getting all my defences to bh6 level. Any suggestions on the defences?


  2. Just wondering when are you going to rewrite the th10 guide since the inferno tower was nerfed. (th10 value pack is not as good as it was in the past now that you only get a level 1 inferno tower by the way.) Also add the new camp level for the th11 guide.


    • Oops, good point. I still think infernos are a good initial investment but I agree that the pack is now useless. It was nerfed to only providing lvl1 IT it seems and IT are useless even at lvl5


  3. Sin, for a new account on builder base, what would you suggest for troop research?

    Back in the day there was baby drags then night witches, but wasn’t sure how best to build with a new account. Don’t want to waste time and elixir on worthless troops.

    Mass archers worth it to just spam?


    • Oops, really late reply here. I think barbs are the way to go till lvl14, then giants and cannons take over.

      Its a split either barbs to 16 or giants/cannons to 16. Either way, barbs to 14 seem to be the best


  4. What’s a good BH8 base you recommend? I copied a clan mate’s base but now I’m getting two/three starred increasingly frequently.

    I have mostly BH6 defenses, sitting at 3100-3200 trophies.


  5. help i started playing 2 months ago and i am now builder hall 8 with level 4 defenses at 2900 trophies i maxed out barbs and i get 2 star every attack but thats still not enough i somehow get three starred like half the time


    • Don’t worry, that’s the reality of builder base. You lose and drop down to some easier enemies where you can win. You will be able to push through to 3000 once you leveled up some more stuff


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