Woah, didn’t realise that I haven’t posted for nearly 2 weeks now. I have written a BH8 guide in the mean time but not journal updates surprised me.

Anyway, still focusing on defenses for this account as I slowly inch towards max-dom. I’ve been a TH11 for more than a year now and wow, look at that progress. Maxed so many things that I am really surprised that I came to TH11 with TH8/9 defenses. I maxed heroes really quickly in TH11 so that was good. Defenses as I always say, is the mot useless thing in this game. Strengthening defenses just mean that stronger enemies will crush you so why bother with so much defense?


The upgrades that are currently going on:


Here is the link to clashtrack to see my progress right now

I am currently 13 weeks or so to TH11 completion. That’s amazing to think about, and unless SC introduces TH12, I will be able to max out my buildings before July. Lab is going to take far more time but it isn’t really a main concern because its always better to max just the most important troops rather than having a ton of lower level useless troops. Just like a TH11 with maxed bowlers, healers, jump, wb and lvl1 hogs,valk,pekka is definitely stronger than a TH9 with maxed lab.

Forgotten to take a picture of my wall progress, so I’m just going to say here that I have 109 walls left to upgrade. I just need to do 1 wall per day and I’ll be able to max my walls before my builders are done. No rush here since walls are so useless, I can take my time and even complete walls after defenses are done.

The small achievements that I have done during this time:


Yay, loving the free gems 🙂 But I have no where to spend these gems 😦

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