I’m continuing the journal series now 🙂 TH12 has arrived and let’s charge full on

Current base:


Btw, I changed my phone and hence the borders. Is the image sharper because of the new phone? Hmm

Anyway, I’ll tell you my biggest mistake in TH12 before we begin. My plan during the initial launch of TH12 was to collect treasury (3.2mil), collectors (1mil) and then buy the TH12 value pack (8mil) so that I can afford the 12mil clan castle. However, I forgotten to collect treasury before buying the value pack, so I had 10mil loot and couldn’t collect my treasury to fulfill the 12mil requirement. So now this account is stuck without the CC upgrade until I finish all 4 storage upgrades. I’m still pretty upset about this mistake until today.

Let’s move on before I break into tears again.

Current upgrades:


I have 50/52/22 right now all 3 heroes upgrading right now, with BK going to 51, AQ going to 53 and GW going to 23. I gemmed my DE and elixir storage so that I can actually do some of those upgrades. Gems well spent imo.

I have 6 walls done as well and 2 more if I gem anything right now.

Sample attack log: (maybe I should compile much more)


This is the sort of loot I’m willing to take, mass miners

Here’s a reddit post that you all can see, please do upvote it so that more people can see it. I’ve noticed that people who claimed they want to farm in high leagues are very silent or complaining about clouds. As expected, high leagues sucks and you are unable to farm that high. I have warned people yet people do not listen to sincere advice, now they are suffering while I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

Here is a picture of what I posted a day or two before the update:


Follow up post will be my farming attacks, with a new phone right now I can actually consider recording them but probably will do pictures first.

Anyhow, here’s the breakdown of what I have completed in TH12 so far:

Gold: 2 elixir storages, 2nd star TH12, 6 walls (total 46mil)

Elixir: barb lvl8, lab lvl10, DE storage, 3 warden levels (total 50mil)

DE: 3 AQ upgrades, 1 BK upgrade (806k)

Free loot: Brought 14mil/14mil/23k into TH12, used 1 rune of elixir (10.5mil), 1 rune of DE (208k), won a fwa war (4/4mil/20k), bought the TH12 pack (8mil/siege workshop/175k DE)

Total loot farmed:

Gold = 46mil – 14 – 4 – 8 + 10 = 30mil (minus free loot, plus whatever in my storage)

Elixir = 50mil – 14 – 10.5 – 4 + 7 = 28.5mil

DE = 806k – 23 – 208 – 20 – 175 + 150 = 580k

So not much loot farmed in 4 days so far 😦

My plan now is to overflow my DE storage (farm till 240k, I have 85k to go) then gem AQ and upgrade her again. Before that happens though, I think I will overflow my elixir first (2.6mil to go) so I will start another GW upgrade before that and dump all my gold into walls. Just remembered that I cannot store 10.6mil for the next GW upgrade :/ Maybe army camps then…

Long term plan is to max out warden first, so I will need 1 builder constantly on elixir storage with 3 working on heroes and the last one working on any offense upgrades available.

I will detail why I focus on heroes first and why I am not in a rush to unlock the other offense upgrades just yet in a later post (tomorrow maybe?)

Next post, farming attacks, following it is review of balancing changes


  1. Hi….Spirit of Joy here…needed some directions as to how to get into FWA clan as the website isnt very clear. Any help is appreciated…


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