I’m sure nobody wants me to repeat everything so here’s just a short post.


This account is much slower in terms of progress, one reason is that I didn’t have a rune of elixir prepared. But the good thing is, I was able to use book of fighting on barbs so I have lvl8 barbs on this account and started work on lvl8 archers.

Another thing is that after the major blunder in main account, as I peeled my face from the wall, this account did everything in the right order so I have cc upgrading on this account. I’m still waiting for a gold value pack to fix my main’s mistake (that’s what you get from not buying the builder jam event pack, I was really tempted. Dumb sin, dumb!).

Heroes still 50/50/20 with only BK and AQ upgrading. Not enough elixir for warden just yet. My plan now is to farm enough for lab upgrade then gem DE storage and start lab lvl10

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