Just a short guide with lots of pics to show you guys how I choose which base to attack. Also going to show off some of my loot raids


Decent I guess? I’ve seen even better loot from others so farming shouldn’t be an issue as a new TH12. There is some effort involved, but good things don’t come easy.

Now onto some attacks


The base above, would you hit it? Its so easy, premmie base with 337k elixir, tempting?

Looker closer and find the loot. The storages are barely filled, maybe 100-200k there and the rest are in the collectors. To 100% this base, using who knows how many spells, just to get 337k? Not worth, I skipped this base.


Now this base is much much better. Full storages so I know 360k must be within storages, one fell swoop would easily get the loot. Instead of trying to take out storages and ensuring enough to take out collectors as well.

Next attacks


The base above, looks like something I’ve hit yesterday right? Should I sprinkle my miners to take all the loot? Again, loot at where is the loot. Maybe 360k in storages (72k each), the rest are in collectors. The left sided storages are relatively deep and the TH is untouchable. Not worth the extra spells used, skipped.


Now this, this is much better! All loot easily taken, no spells, half miners

Oh, and for those observant eyes you may have noticed that I have switched one miner for 6 extra archers. This is because archers can snipe buildings more easily and allow me to use less miners to take out collector raids. I’m queuing 2 arch and 10 miners, pressed 4 times then add 2 miners at the end.

Next raids

Screenshot_20180614_171200Easy typical collector raid aboveScreenshot_20180614_171324See how much work archers put in! Half the loot gone with just 8 archers, many bases are set up like that so its quite easy to lootScreenshot_20180614_171418Easy loot using only half my miners, fast training and saves elixir!

Screenshot_20180614_182013Screenshot_20180614_182126I decided to attack the base above because I was confident that I was able to get all the loot easily, made a lapse of judgement and used 3 spells instead of 2. Oh well


Compared to some of the bases I have hit above, I would hit this base, why? I know 360k must be in the storages so running through the entire base would lead to at least 360k which is worth it.

Screenshot_20180615_075901Easy base, hit or nah? Remember that my key criteria is elixir. I know that I would be getting 0/190/1.8k from this raid if I taken it. Skipped!


Taking 4 storages is 290k loot, the rest comes from the collectors by the edge. The mistake I made with this base was that I should’ve used some spells and my remaining miners to punch into the DE storage and attempted for the cc. Instead if you look at picture 2, I used my miners to take some easy gold storages, which I have established is pointless.

Next, last 2 showcases

Screenshot_20180615_082853Screenshot_20180615_083032Easy raid, why not?


All loot due south, so I just spammed miners. However southern side had lots of traps so I used too many heal spells, not really worth it.


Know where the loot is and how to target it, knowing the calculations and being make to do them on the fly is really helpful.

Don’t hit targets which you are not guaranteed the loot, better to skip more than to lose loot trying to farm.

Patience is key, nexting is your best friend


    • Actually I’m leaning back towards barch, but miners are a little more flexible. With a 60k elixir different in cost right now, miners are still fine. I’m finding a ton of dead bases, just using miners to supplement my dead base diet with engineered/premmie bases

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