Alright, did just two upgrade today.


DE is drained, so one hero must have been upgraded. BK timer is 7 days long so that was the hero I upgraded. I spent quite a few builder potions so he was done way before the 7 day timer was done.

Another upgrade I did was to spend 500 gems to complete the elixir storage. I was overflowing elixir so wanted to start something important. I started work on my first army camp so 265 space in 13 days (builder potion)


My next plan is to farm till 11mil elixir and gem warden, upgrade him to lvl24. I will probably need more gems, but I’m becoming a little short of gems now. I might buy some gems, just need to wait for a decent value pack

I found this offer on my mini:


USD$50 for 3 books and 31mil elixir. I was considering to get it on my main, it can be a little useful here to start another camp, an elixir troop (loon/miners) and one GW level.

You can read my discussion here:


But when I opened my main, this was what I saw:


Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope! Too expensive (that’s like my entire rent) and doesn’t provide much more than the cheaper packs. People were offered 3mil elixir + 1 book for $10 or 12mil elixir + 1 book for $20. I would gladly take those but this is just a straight no. I also want to minimize spending on my mini so not going to spend $50 for that account.

These packs are frankly disappointing, where have all the good value packs went?

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