I am currently in Melbourne, doing my final semester of my university here. The last two days have been busy with me flying over here and getting settled down. I am halfway settled down and will start my semester next Monday. Posts going on as usual

Fortunately, this account had no free builders during those two days, I farmed till 10/11mil/240k, boosted my collectors and bought a one day shield.

This morning, AQ woke up and I upgraded 4 walls with my loot and AQ to lvl54.

This is my base at night before I sleep, farmed another 10mil/8mil easily, as well as 80k juicy DE. I realise that DE is the most important thing in this account, both other resources will overflow very quickly and DE will only be about half full. This is one of the problems of farming 400+k DE per week, can’t really be helped. I just need to focus on DE much more on this account

Oh, and I used 900+ gems to buy a book of building from the trader, it will come in handy soon


Attack log, trying to focus hard on DE




Heroes are 51/53/23 and all 3 upgrading

I plan to farm all the way to 220k tomorrow and try gemming another level of AQ. Its either that or I gem some other thing to relieve my elixir so that I can continue farming DE. I cannot really justify just farming for DE with gold and elixir capped out, but I also cannot justify myself wasting gems to finish anything besides heroes. After AQ, I might find it hard to farm another 206k DE for BK lvl53 in less than two days. If you find a ton of TH12s with capped loot, this is why. It is so slow and hard to wait for all these upgrades.

Clan games:


My clan is really slow on this, but hopefully I can help push them past 50k in like 5 days.


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