Another late post, I slept early yesterday. Winter here means it gets dark at 5pm, not very late for many but coming from a tropical country, it is extremely strange.

Anyway, I gemmed BK and upgraded a few more walls before putting him down again. I have 17 electric walls done now, slated to complete around the time my heroes. I opted to gem BK instead of AQ because it would be tough to farm enough for BK if I gemmed AQ. Now I have 5 days to farm the 220k necessary for AQ which is pretty easy.

I also left some elixir available instead of dumping into walls so that I can upgrade archers lvl8 after my barbs are done later.


Will farm another 10+mil after archers lvl8 so that I can upgrade another level of warden. I will have 1.5 days to farm this amount, not hard because I also have 5mil in the treasury

Clan games


Easily completed 4k points by now, mini is still halfway done. Our points seem ok but I’m worried with the effort everyone below #7 is putting in


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