Today only mini getting a post because main only had a lab upgrade completing.

I gemmed AQ early morning today and started farming. I felt that I didn’t had much time today because I was going around Great Ocean Road (which had zero data connectivity), so no clashing in the car unfortunately.

But now that I see my base, I actually farmed >5mil elixir and >60k DE today which was amazing. I didn’t know how I did it, but playing intermittently allowed me to farm this much loot so easily. No boosting as well although I was free after 6-7pm here, felt too tired to stress myself up to boost and next for one whole hour (main reason why I dislike boosting)


Farmed a ton of loot so I can do any upgrade I like. Lab is going to complete tomorrow morning so I will upgrade an elixir storage with my builder and upgrade some random stuff in the lab. Most likely will be pekkas lvl2 or skeleton spell lvl2, which take 7 days. This will allow me to finish my second elixir storage on this account and allow me to start miners lvl6 after pekka/skel.


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