Resources are drained, that can only mean one thing. Time to farm again!

DE is filling up as usual, 174k already despite only putting down BK 2 days ago. By tomorrow, I will have my 240k ready and will gem another level of AQ.

I have started archers lvl8 in lab and with loot getting better now I might transition back into barch after this troop discount event. Miners are horribly expensive without the event and I don’t want to throw away half my looted elixir for nothing.

2 more walls done, that makes it 19/100 walls completed so far.

Warden going to lvl25 right now, just 6 more weeks and he’ll be done (unless I gem more of his timer of course). 3rd elixir storage done, fourth one going on right now. In about 8 days when archers are done, I should be able to afford the 12mil for miners lvl6 upgrade.


My next plan now is to farm till 240k DE and gem AQ so that I can continue farming DE for BK. After I gem AQ, she will be lvl54 and will start lvl55. I may not gem BK right after AQ but will definitely need to gem something so that I will not overflow on resources, perhaps warden


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