This account is still slower although you can see more progress these few days. I accidentally left too much elixir today because I didn’t dump it into walls. I left 10mil elixir for my lab upgrade which only costed 3mil elixir for pekkas lvl2, 1 wasted wall 😦

Oh well, walls aren’t my limiting factor anyway so it isn’t a big problem. Now I can happily waste elixir while I farm

Lab completed today with archers inside, they were only 10 hours away so I gemmed because I would otherwise overflow on elixir. I started an elixir storage upgrade with my builder and started pekkas lvl2.

After this, I will need to wait far too long for GW and CC so I will use a builder potion which makes the upgrade tomorrow afternoon rather than tomorrow midnight. I will then upgrade warden again so he will be going to lvl22 (now he’s just doing his lvl20 to lvl21 upgrade). Then I will upgrade giga tesla to lvl2 which will only take 2 days.


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