Another busy day and another delayed post. Finally settled in Melbourne and will start my first day tomorrow




Managed another AQ level easily, now she’s going to lvl55 and I already have 180k DE on hand (127k in the pic was last night). I plan to farm till 240k DE again by tonight and gem BK to upgrade him again. He will then be lvl53 on his way to lvl54

It is just too easy to farm DE these days, dead bases galore and that’s not all I hit.

Attack log:


Dead and whale bases supply all the DE I need to my AQ upgrades. I’m spamming spells and miners because I would otherwise overflow on elixir if I continue using barch. The problem with barch is that I will get 10mil/10mil in a day but with only 120-150k DE. I find it hard to farm just DE when both my other resources are full and overflowing. So I develop a compromise where I sacrifice elixir early on to get more DE. Even so, right now I have 8mil elixir with 180k DE in a single day of farming. Quite good but elixir is going to negative very soon once the event ends tomorrow, then I can reevaluate how best to farm

All my saved up gems are running dry and if SC doesn’t put out a decent gem offer soon, I might buy this:


Only 1.1k gems left, might finish it before the end of the week. Loot is just too good

These are the packs I am looking for in the main base but this is a builder base pack, probably will just buy it since I need the gems anyway.


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