Ok, loot finally overflowing. Now its time to spend some gems.


Unlike normally where I gem BK > upgrade walls > upgrade BK, its slightly different this time.

Screenshot_20180625_185004Gemmed king first, then upgraded 2 walls with gold

Screenshot_20180625_185117Screenshot_20180625_185124Upgraded an army camp and used a BoB to cut off 14 days of upgrade time


Upgrade BK again so that he is going to lvl54 right now. Heroes right now are 53/54/24 and all 3 upgrading. You don’t see such fast progress on the people who farm in titans/legends, and if you do, they are farming with most of their heroes.

At this rate though, it will probably take me 5 weeks to max heroes :/ I initially planned 4 but seems like my farming is a little too slow.


So after using the BoB, I can collect my CG prizes and I chose this for my accounts. For the tier 2 reward, I have 14 training potions so can’t choose that. A resource potion is only worth 500/500k so no point. The rings can provide 3mil loot so that’s the best option.



Finally my loot is drained, now I can farm normally. Next AQ upgrade is almost 5 days away so I don’t need to strictly focus on DE. Will farm casually the next 2 days and cap out both gold and elixir. My 2nd army camp will be done by then so I will start my 3rd afterwards. Warden and elixir storage completing at the same time in 4 days, will need some planning/hardcore farming for that.


Succumbed in the end and bought the 4mil/4mil pack in the builder base. I really needed the 2.5k gems anyway, so its a small bonus. Might stop farming on builder base for the next 3-4 days.

2500gems/RM80 = 31.25gems/RM

6500gems/RM200 = 32.5gems/RM

Its only about 3% savings for going up this tier of gems, so its not really worth it to buy the extra gems. I’m not even sure if I will need 6.5k, but definitely will need 2.5k or more

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