Here are two early pictures to show my Day 13 progress before I did a huge upgrade spree on Day 14.


Grand warden only going to lvl22, this account is extremely slow but that is because I am spending more time on main. Despite that, I can easily keep all 5 builders working and lab running with two heroes down. This is why I am always appalled when dumb people claim that Titans/legends is good because they can keep builders and lab busy. It takes the bare minimum to achieve that, a good farmer should strive to be better than that.

Here’s the problem I faced:


I’m full of books and I cannot claim the book prize in the CG rewards tomorrow. Somehow I must spend 1 book of heroes and 1 book of buildings. I bought the BoB a couple of days ago for 925 gems, not too worth it now that I think of it :/

Here’s a montage of what I did:



Eyy, I just realised that I made a mistake here, quite a big one too :/ Should’ve used a rune of DE and kept on upgrading AQ, but I didn’t. Shitt. Literally just noticed this mistake while typing this


So basically what I did was gem AQ > upgrade AQ54 > BoH > upgrade barracks > BoB

After that, I should’ve done: Rune of DE > AQ55 but my mind fried and I did the wrong upgrade. Instead I dumped my gold into a wall and started my new air bomb to lvl2 then went on to upgrade my new tesla to lvl2 as well. Now I have 68k DE in my storages and it is no longer wise to use a rune of DE anymore because I would waste 68k DE that way. I’m crying inside now


The pic was a little old, now its 12h to my giga tesla completion and 2d+ till my tesla is done.

My plan is to either upgrade giga tesla again to lvl3 or farm enough till I can upgrade a second army camp. Tentatively, I might spend 2 days to farm for AQ55 > gem > rune of DE > AQ56


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