Did a few upgrades on this as well. My giga tesla lvl2 completed and I wasn’t able to stock up the 8mil needed for lvl3, was too focused on main. Instead, I chose to upgrade an air mine because I wanted to extend 12 hours to farm for the next upgrade.

See how powerful that choice is, maxers do not get that opportunity as often. Unfortunately my account was too maxed in TH11 and I fall into the same boat. If you are seriously rushed, you can always do a cheap upgrade when you are busy, negating the need to really be hardcore when you aren’t able to. This is why I shake my heads when people think that rushing is for the hardcore when it definitely is not.

Anyway, I was able to farm the loot necessary in like 3 hours when I got back from work today. I used a builder potion to speed up the air mine upgrade and dumped all my elixir into an army camp.


Now I have 2 army camps upgrading


Quite decent for an account who cannot be as active as my main. Th12 is really a snore fest if you are a decent farmer and have maxed out previous TH levels. In another 1.5 days or so, my next upgrade would probably be AQ. Both my heroes are up and I don’t want that. I will probably do AQ55 > BoH > Rune of DE > AQ56. This may potentially bring my AQ faster than my main account. Its not really a fair comparison though, this account only focuses on AQ whereas main is divided on AQ and BK

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