Very simple post for this account, 2 days between upgrades means that I can plan out my upgrades easily.

My 2nd army camp completed, so now I’m working on my 3rd


Looting quite easily with baby drags right now. The training time is extremely long, but most of my prey are dead bases anyway which don’t use much troops




Next upgrade is GW and thankfully lab research is further away and won’t hinder me. I will just need to farm another 7mil elixir in 2 days which is extremely easy. Elixir storage will complete at the same time as GW though, so I plan to do a gold upgrade, probably giga tesla.

The real goal here is to farm enough DE for AQ so that I can gem another level. That is about 110k DE in 2 days which is pretty easy as well (having 2mil/1.4mil/10k in treasury helps)

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