Did some hardcore DE farming (60k/2 hours) because I didn’t have enough time to farm throughout the day on my mini. Whenever I have free time, I will open the game and play main rather than mini mostly.


With that, AQ is going to lvl56 right now which is actually higher than main. To be fair, this account is only upgrading AQ and neglecting BK.

Oh yes, because of the reddit AMA showing that most players dislike the long upgrade times and hero regen times, SC spontaneously reduced the time cost for most things in the game. I bet they planned that right after the AMA. Everything below TH12 is now much much faster to complete which means it is a huge buff to rushers. You can probably max out your TH11 in about 12-15 months with at least 40/40/20 heroes. Because the gold/elixir cost has not decreased, your requirements actually increased, another benefit for smart farmers.

Now this is my base:


7 days before I need DE again, unless…


Wrong view here, but my lab is going to complete 4 hours after GW is done. That means that I must plan the upgrade. If the lab research is going to complete, I must upgrading another troop/spell in the lab. But if I do so, I might not be able to farm the elixir for GW. Luckily, I’m rushed and I can actually afford to upgrade some lvl1 spells that had their costs decreased. I will probably upgrade a dark troop/spell on lab so that I have enough elixir for GW. See, another huge benefit of being rushed.

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