Much more done here. Firstly, I farmed enough DE to complete another AQ level, so I gemmed her and started AQ lvl56. After that I used a builder potion and sped up warden to complete him. I started warden lvl26 as well.

I also had another builder with the warden which completed my last elixir storage, I only had gold remaining so I dumped it all into giga tesla lvl3.




Since the next CG doesn’t have a BoH, I will just keep it for now and not use it. When I start AQ lvl60, I will simply use it to save up 1000 gems. Otherwise I will have an awake AQ and the BoH ultimately will not speed up too much.

Boosted for an hour just now:


Easily farmed from: 3.2mil/1.9mil/22.4k to 4.5mil/3.55mil/51.5k in one hour

An easy 29k DE, what is there not to love. Baby drags are actually really slow so despite the 90% cost I am actually making a little less DE than I expect/want. Still, 30k DE is reasonable and I probably can grind up enough for BK55 tomorrow (fingers crossed)

Who says dead TH12 doesn’t exist?


Many of the bases in the log are TH12s with full drills or exposed DE storage. This makes it really easy to steal

SC also just buffed collector raids so we should all rejoice. This would greatly increase the amount of dead TH11s with 400-500k loot, compared to 320k which is the standard. Now is really a good time to farm

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