Since TH12 has been introduced 3 weeks ago, its time for me to finally write a guide for TH12. This guide will try to include everyone because people come into TH12 in varying states; from people like me who spent a year as a maxed TH11 to people who rush to TH12 with TH6-8 defenses. I rather much be the latter because it makes the game easier and more fun overall with little to no drawbacks.

Before coming to TH12, you will need:

  • At least lvl7-8 barch
  • 240-260 army camp space
  • Lvl10-20 warden
  • Maxed whatever favorite troops you want to have (miners +/- bowlers +/- laloon +/- healers)
  • Try to follow at least until TH11 (early-mid) and unlock almost all your offense buildings before coming
  • Any level of defense
  • Any level of walls
  • Try to prepare as many books as you can, and stockpile as many gems as you can
  • Make sure you come into TH12 with full storages and try to get as full treasury and collectors as possible (at least 12.2mil elixir for upgrades #2 and #3)

Since TH12 is pretty new, dead bases will be quite lean but there are still there. You can find deads bases within 2-5min of nexting normally so it shouldn’t be an issue if you are willing to next. If you don’t farm dead bases though, it will be hard to go at the fastest pace while trying to keep your heroes upgrading. Ultimately heroes are quite useless but we farmers do it because it is fun grinding and seeing how fast one can go.

There are a few ways to go about TH12, I went with upgrading all 3 heroes at once and mainly grinding for heroes. The problem is that I only have 2 other builders working on everything else. The plus is that my heroes would probably complete by the time my offense is done as well. It really depends on how many heroes you plan to upgrade, so plan wisely.

Try to arrive TH12 with all 5 builders available, and preferably lab with something >8 days (to overlap troop and lab upgrade)

First priority upgrades: (1a)

  1. AQ all the way to 60. She is the number one thing you should focus on and she is one of the few upgrades that will speed up your farming. Though lvl30-50 will serve well too, but the longer you put off, the harder it is to complete her.
  2. DE storage (4.2mil elixir), because you cannot upgrade any hero above lvl51 unless you have upgraded this. If your heroes are below lvl50, ignore this.
  3. Lab (8mil elixir). This is one upgrade I recommend early on despite the fact that no new lab troop actually boosts your farming, but if you want to do anything after maxing heroes, lab troops actually help a little bit.
  4. If you bought the new TH12 pack (make sure you have at least 4mil gold before you buy this), max out your CC. If not, upgrade some walls and use 4mil gold to upgrade giga tesla lvl2.
  5. Place all the new traps first, then tesla because building a lvl1 tesla takes a day while the rest does not.
  6. If you bought the new TH12 pack, farm elixir/DE like mad and upgrade warden or BK. Otherwise, farm elixir like mad and start siege workshop lvl1.
  7. Farm like mad after tesla has started. If your warden is not upgrading, once tesla lvl1 is complete (day 2 of TH12) start upgrading him. If you bought the pack and warden is upgrading, start elixir storage #1.
  8. Giga tesla completes in 2 days so it will be done next, you have three choices here. First is upgrade BK which means you must have farmed enough to start him; second is army camp; third is that you have farmed enough gold but not the rest, start giga tesla lvl3.

That’s it for your first 1-2 days, it is some intense farming initially and even more if you plan to upgrade more heroes. It gets easier a little afterwards.

Since there are so many branching paths, the upgrades below don’t need to be in any specific order just make sure these are complete or mostly done before going to second priority.

First priority upgrades: (1b)

  1. Elixir storage. This is really essential because all TH12 lab troops require some upgrades here with only few notable exceptions.
  2. Army camps. Try to get these done, they help with farming especially since you have 560 troops to work with and can possibly stack 3-4 collector raids with two full armies.
  3. AQ! Don’t forget!
  4. Warden as well! He is the hero that makes barch OP, crazy 70% increase in barb and arch hp making lvl5 stronger than lvl8.
  5. Siege workshop lvl2. The battle blimp isn’t as good, but you probably could build more machines to donate to your clan mates since you are overflowing gold anyway.
  6. Giga tesla lvl4. This one is lower on the list, but you can opt for this if you cannot get enough elixir/DE for the other upgrades
  7. Upgrading your new traps. They serve a small function in delaying your builders so that they won’t fall asleep.
  8. Walls. If you notice, you are elixir hungry for quite some time, so dump all the gold you have into walls.

The upgrade above will collectively take around 6-10 weeks depending on how many heroes you have upgrading. Makes no sense really that it takes so long for a new level to be significantly stronger than the lower level. It should take no more than 2 weeks for a new TH12 to be superior in every single way compared to a maxed TH11.

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Gold storage, almost every TH12 defense requires you to upgrade gold storages, so just upgrade it. Besides warden and possibly barracks, these should be the last elixir building upgrades.
  2. BK! If you are farming enough for AQ and have surplus, upgrade him. But try not to cause AQ to awaken because you dumped DE into him. This means that if you have 240k and 2 days to go before AQ wakes, it may not be a good idea to upgrade him. You should consider gemming AQ instead.
    • The reasoning here is that BK isn’t as good as AQ in almost every circumstance and delaying her just to make a pointless upgrade isn’t wise
  3. DE storage. If your heroes are below lvl50 to begin with, you can choose to upgrade DE storage now.
  4. AQ!AQ!AQ! So that you don’t forget
  5. Warden!
  6. Tesla, the regular kind. Start with your new 5th tesla before touching the rest, its more worth it to upgrade new stuff than the old because of increasing costs. This is the only defense that costs 10mil at max so you don’t need to fully upgrade gold storages before starting these.
  7. If your defenses are below TH11 level, just upgrade defenses to suit your needs. As your builders come free and have nothing to do, just upgrade defenses. I recommend teslas first so no problems with #6 above.
  8. Once all gold storages are done, upgrade CC if you didn’t have the opportunity to do so previously.

Third priority upgrades:

  1. Barracks. If you didn’t max them previously, you can do them now. The elixir grind is over and the only thing left is probably heroes. You probably can afford to farm slower, so you can upgrade them one by one. Upgrading one increases your troop training time by 33% and two makes it 100% increase. Try not to upgrade two at once unless you really don’t need to farm much or can’t farm much.
  2. Heroes. If you haven’t maxed them out, do so.
  3. Giga tesla lvl5. The new ability is stronger and more worth it than spending 12mil anywhere else. Do it.
  4. All your traps.
  5. Eagle. The second best improvement in defenses, probably good idea to do before every thing else.
  6. All your other defenses. It doesn’t matter the order, they will be done eventually.

Very easy right? Its all about upgrading offenses first before thinking about defenses.

Troop upgrades:


This is relatively more simple. If your barch is not at lvl8, do them first. I highly recommend your troops to be less than maxed TH11 level because only 1 elixir troop costs less than 11mil in TH12 (baby dragons). If you are rushed, you can catch up on the other elixir troops. I don’t really recommend dark troops because that means your heroes are being neglected. If you can at least keep AQ down and do a dark troop, that’s still fine.

If your barch is not lvl8:

  1. Barb
  2. Arch

After this you will need to evaluate, if your barch was already maxed from TH11, you can only do one other elixir upgrade. The rest will require elixir storages to be upgraded, below are your choices:

  1. Baby drag > elixir troop path
  2. Baby drag > 1-2 DE troops (recommend bowlers and hounds) > elixir troop path
  3. Catching up rushed troops (recommend miners to lvl5, bowlers to lvl3) > elixir troop path

Elixir troop path:

  1. WB. Single best upgrade in TH12, important for almost everything and helps in farming by breaking walls more easily for deep drills
  2. Loons, 2nd best upgrade in TH12.
  3. Giants
  4. Miners

After elixir troop path, its all free game. You can choose to upgrade anything you like and depending on what troops you use. This is just a general guideline for everyone and you can upgrade anything you see fit really.


^Just a reminder^

TH12 farming guide in a nutshell:

  1. Barch; or
  2. Use whatever event troop there is.

Here’s a link:

How to choose a base to attack

New TH12 farming guide/showcase


Isn’t TH12 easy? Being a top dog isn’t always easy in CoC (which should really change), but it isn’t as grindy as people think if you manage it all well.




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