Wow, 3 weeks now and what do I have to show for it?


Two upgrades done today


Just look at the growth of BK’s iron fist, this is the sort of strength increase we need but don’t get. BK gets this for lvl1-50 which is why the only reason you upgrade him is for iron fist. His normal stat grow is pretty weak throughout so not really worth to upgrade him really.

I upgraded miners, not sure why. I just written my guide yesterday to tell people to upgrade wb first, but I think I brainfarted and upgraded miners instead. Wb would be much more useful because miners just cost way too much elixir to use on a normal basis.

And after dumping 11mil + 220k on my upgrades, I thought I was set, only needed to farm like 2-3mil per day and minimal DE to keep my builders going. Ready for the weekday. Then this threw a wrench in my entire plan:


BoH from the trader!

Unfortunately, I cannot buy it because I already have one from the last CG. I could use it to speed up my BK, but there would be no point. If I sped up my BK, I would need to farm another 450k DE in less than 5 days to upgrade him again and be in time for AQ upgrade. That is pretty insane even for me, weekdays are coming too so I can’t just simply farm that much that quickly.

Looking at my other hero upgrades:


If I used the BoH on AQ, it would be much easier, I would only need to farm the 450k in 7 days which is less than what I usually can farm. The problem now is that I am using buying a BoH for 500 gems to speed up a 700 gem upgrade, just a mere 200 gem saving for almost no gain (only speeding up by 1 day). Even worse, I will have an AQ up and will need to farm another 2 days or so before I can upgrade her again. This would mean that I am wasting gems, because I would’ve spent 300 gems to finish her instead of BoH costing 500 gems.

If I used BoH on warden, I am also spending 500 gems to save 200 gems, not much too. I would also take almost a day to get enough elixir for his next level. However, the prognosis seems better here because if I can farm 11.2mil for his next upgrade before the offer finishes, I can actually use regular gems > BoH and have an awake GW for farming. This is what I am leaning into so I would need to farm hard today to get 11mil elixir before 10am tomorrow. Hope I can do it.

(Its 10pm now and I am going to sleep, only managed to farm 7mil so far. Hopefully I can boost tomorrow and get the elixir)

Raids like these help a ton:


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